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New Bedford Youth Soccer Association, Inc.

Constitution and By-Laws


1.0 NAME

1.1 The organization shall be known as the New Bedford Youth Soccer Association, Inc., herein referred to as NBYSA.

1.2 The headquarters/ address of the corporation shall be in the City of New Bedford, Massachusetts.

1.3 The mailing address of the corporation will change each year when the election of officers is held. The mailing addresses will be tied to the addresses of the elected officers at their discretion.

2. 0 Objectives

2-1 The vision of NBYSA is to develop and encourage good sportsmanship and fair play of all participants therein; to offer quality programs for youth boys and girls to participate in recreational and competitive soccer programs, educational programs and encourage the personal growth and development of our individual players. The association encourages coaches, players and volunteers from all cultural and socioeconomic areas of the community to participate in the program.


2-2 NBYSA shall achieve these objectives by defining and explaining the characteristics of good sportsmanship; developing the principles of fair play; building good character; promoting the growth of soccer and life skills; instructing; training and educating players and coaches to develop and improve their capabilities; and seeking the assistance of community resources, professional organizations and parents to enhance the growth of our individual players.




3.1 Membership shall be open to player members, parents or legal guardians of player members, coaches, assistant coaches and the Board of Directors.

3.2 Suspension or Termination

The Board of Directors by at least a two thirds vote of those present at any duly constituted meeting, shall have the authority to discipline, suspend or terminate the membership of any member when the conduct of such person is considered detrimental to the best interest of the NBYSA. 

The member involved shall be notified of such meeting, informed of the general nature of the charges, and given an opportunity to appear at the meeting to answer such charges.


4.1 The Officers of this corporation shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, Coaching Director, Equipment Manager and Immediate Past President, also known as the Executive Committee, who together with Division Directors and Special Directors, shall constitute the Board of Directors.

4.2 Each Officer and Director shall be elected for one year. The term of office for each shall coincide with the fiscal year of the corporation.

4.3 The Officers and Directors shall be elected by ballot at the Annual Meeting of the corporation.

a. Each Officer and Director can retain his/her position each fiscal year of the corporation if they are meeting the requirements listed for said position as set forth in the by-laws.

b. Should a position become vacant a current Officer or Director may move to the vacant position internally, leaving his/her position vacant.

c. Any position determined to be vacant will be open for nomination through the nomination committee.  All nominees shall be subject to approval by the Board of Directors, by closed or open voting, prior to placement on the ballot for election.

d. The Board of Directors has the authority to vote in new board members during the course of the year.

4.4 The President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, and Immediate Past President shall constitute an Executive Committee to pass on matters demanding immediate attention where it is impractical to call a full Board of Directors meeting.

4.5 The Board of Directors shall transact all business of the corporation and shall have the power to enforce the Bylaws and Rules of Play of the NBYSA

4.6 The Board of Directors shall have the power to set up rules governing the corporation competition, tournaments, and special competitions within its own structure.

4.7 The Board of Directors shall have the powers to ascertain age limits in corporation competition.

4.8 Board Members are required to attend all Board meetings held during the calendar year.  If a Board Member misses three (3) consecutive meetings or a total of four (4) meetings during the calendar year, the Board can vote to remove that Board Member for the remainder of their term.

4.9 Board of Director Meetings will be held on a date and at a site determined by the acting Board of Directors or the President.

4.10 The Board of Directors shall have the right to appoint non-voting advisors as needed.


5.1 The President of the corporation shall preside at all meetings. He/ she shall pass upon and approve all bills against the corporation. He/ she shall appoint all Committees. He/ she shall cast the deciding vote in the event of a tie vote at the Committee meetings.

5.2 The President shall appoint delegates to all affiliated soccer corporations.

5.3 The President shall submit a report on the operations of the corporation at the Annual Meeting.

5.4 The President will serve as the Kid Safe Coordinator for NBYSA.


6.1 The Vice President shall succeed to the powers of the President in his/her absence.

6-2 The Vice President shall have full power to schedule or re-schedule postponed games.

6-3 The Vice President shall perform such other duties and render such assistance as may be directed by the President.


7.1 The Secretary shall record the minutes of all meetings, and keep the records of the corporation.

7.2 The Secretary shall be responsible for filing all reports, which may be required because of the corporation's affiliation with other soccer organizations.

7.3 The Secretary shall be responsible for all correspondence, both within and outside the local corporation, which may be required from time to time.

7.4 The Secretary shall be responsible for notifying Board of Director members of upcoming and scheduled meetings.

7.5 The Secretary shall be responsible for issuing public notices of the Annual Meeting.


8.1 The Treasurer shall collect all registration fees and donations and shall be in charge of all monies of the corporation.

8.2 The Treasurer shall maintain a detailed set of records of income and expenditures and shall submit a quarterly report of finances to the Board of Directors and an Annual Report for the Annual Meeting.

8.3 The Treasurer shall pay all bills promptly that have been verified and/ or approved.


9.1 The Registrar shall be in charge of the registration process for the fall, and act  as assisting the SCSL Director for the spring program. In addition, the Registrar shall be responsible for registering all NBYSA players, coaches, and officers, along with collecting the appropriate fees, and reporting to the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (MYSA). A league computer will be available at his/her residence to use for league business.

    1. The registrar will serve as the TOPS Soccer liaison on behalf of NBYSA.


10.1 Shall be responsible for the recruiting, training and developing of quality coaches; shall manage board approved coaching and player training programs; oversee all coaching clinics and training programs; and   monitor the activities of all coaches for any NBYSA team.


11.1 Will control the inventory, storage and movement of all field equipment and supplies, including, but not limited to, goals, nets, line painting equipment, signs and supplies.   Maintain inventory of all equipment.  Report to the Board the theft or damage of equipment. Order uniforms for Fall recreation season, and coordinate sponsorship info.  Order and perform sizing for competitive (Spring) team uniforms; work closely with uniform manufacturer, and competitive team coaches. 


12.1 Division Directors shall be elected and represent each designated age division for both Fall & Spring.

12.2 Division Directors shall coordinate and communicate all activities of their respective divisions and represent the interests of that division on the Board of Directors.

12.3 The Division Directors shall assist in recruiting and assigning all coaches required for the operation of the corporation's fall and spring programs. They shall also help organize any coaching meetings or clinics deemed necessary for the development of new and veteran coaches.

12.4 During their respective divisions field playing time Division Directors will be expected to be present (for the duration) at the field to address any questions or problems that may arise.

12.5 The Division Directors shall be responsible for instituting the Rules of Play for their respective divisions.


13.1 Special Directors shall be elected and shall be responsible to coordinate certain league functions. Special Directors positions are as follows:

1. Referee Director - responsible for recruiting, training, assigning and  

monitoring the activities of all the referees hired by NBYSA. Work in cooperation

with area referee assignors to ensure availability of referees for NBYSA games.

2. Public Relations Director – responsible for all publicity of the corporation to include corporation advertising, fundraising and coordination of community events.

3. Field Development and Maintenance Director – responsible for the supervision of the development of fields and their continued maintenance utilized or owned by the corporation.

4. Field Director – responsible for the supervision of the set up and take down of field equipment (goals, nets, flags, etc.) for all soccer activities.


5. Assistant Registrar – The assistant registrar shall assist the League Registrar

 who is in charge of the registration process for the fall, and assisting the Vice

 President for the spring program. In addition, the assistant registrar shall assist

the league Registrar in registering all NBYSA players, coaches, and officers, along

with collecting the appropriate fees, and reporting to the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (MYSA).


6. Assistant Secretary – The assistant secretary shall assist the Secretary as needed with all duties required in 7.1 through 7.5 above.  The assistant secretary shall also be responsible for maintaining and responding as needed to the league answering service.


7.  The president of the league can request to appoint a special director to the league as needed for a period of one year. These directors must be approved by the board of directors and shall have the right to vote.


8. Spring Recreation Director – Responsible for operating and managing the spring recreation program for the U6 and U8 divisions.


9. Spring Competitive Director – the Registrar Shall act as SCSL Director on behalf of NBYSA Inc.


10. Director of Coaching Development – Responsible to develop and improve coaches so that players maximize their potential at all ages.  NBYSA and the director shall have the responsibility to develop a program that nurtures, assists and trains volunteer coaches.



14.1 The president of the league can request to appoint advisors to the league as needed for a period of one year. These advisors must be approved by the board of directors.


15.1 Any player members, parents or legal guardians of player members, coaches, and assistant coaches may attend a General or Annual Meeting.

15.2 The Board of Directors through the President may extend invitations to non-members to attend Board of Director meetings.

15.3 The Executive Committee and Board of Directors shall meet on a monthly basis to discuss and act on the routine business of the league. The meeting shall take place on the last Thursday of the month unless an alternate day is needed.

15.4 Decisions for matters involving the by-laws, rules of play, policies, committee recommendations, discipline of members, major expenditures over $500.00 or those matters deemed critical and influential to the operation of the league must be conducted  with the Executive Board and Board of Directors present.

15.5 A minimum of six (6) members may constitute a quorum at all Board of Directors meetings. A majority of votes cast shall decide all questions except amendments to the Bylaws as stated in 17.0.

15.6 "Robert's Rules of Order" shall govern at any meeting of the corporation.

15.7 The fiscal year of the corporation shall run from January 1st to December 31st.

15.8 The Annual Meeting shall be held before January to review the previous seasons' activities and elect officers for the coming year. Officers and Board of Director members shall assume their newly elected duties upon completion of the fiscal year.

15.9 Voting members at the Annual Meeting shall be player members, parents or legal guardians of player members, coaches, assistant coaches and the Board of Directors.  There shall be no more than one vote per family.


16.0  Boards and Committees


16.1 General

There shall be a Finance Committee, a Sportsmanship Review Committee, and an Appeals Board as standing committees of the NBYSA.  The President at the October Board meeting shall appoint a Nominating Committee. The Board may choose to appoint additional Boards or Committees as required.

16.2 Conflict of Interest:

A member of any Board or Committee as defined in this section shall be disqualified from deliberating or voting on a particular issue if that member:

a) was involved in the issue

b) is the spouse or relative of an involved person

c) has a child playing on an involved team


The Board may temporarily replace the member so involved.  A replacement for the involved member shall be appointed by the President and approved by the Board.

16.3 Finance Committee

A. Composition

A Finance Committee shall be established each operating year consisting of the Treasurer as Chairperson, and two (2) members appointed by the President from the Board and approved by the Board. 

B. Duties and Responsibilities

The Finance Committee shall:

a) recommend registration fees to the Board

b) recommend payment deadlines to the Board

c) guard the financial well being of the NBYSA

d) assist the Treasurer in developing a balanced budget.



16.4 Appeals Board


A. Composition


The President with the approval of the Board of Directors, shall appoint a chairperson and two (2) members that were not part of the original decision. 

    B. Duties and responsibilities

The Appeals Board shall deal with all appeals of the following:

1) decisions made by the Board of Directors and the Sportsmanship Review Committee.  Any decisions overruled must be ratified by two thirds of the Board of Directors.

2) expulsion and suspension of members.


C. Appeal Procedure

A formal appeal, in writing, stating all the known facts shall be sent to the President within seven (7) days after the decision or event. The appointed appeals committee after fact finding to determine the validity of the issue, shall have the authority to hold a hearing and render a decision.  Any decisions overruled must be ratified by two thirds of the Board of Directors.


16.5 Sportsmanship Review Committee

A. General

The Sportsmanship Review Committee (SRC) shall promote good sportsmanship within the NBYSA and review issues of lack of sportsmanship, inappropriate conduct, unbecoming conduct, or violation of the By Laws or Rules of Play.


B. Composition

The SRC shall consist of a Chairperson and two (2) members of the Board of Directors all appointed by the President.


C. Procedures and Authority

All NBYSA members, coaches, parents and players have the right to file a complaint in writing to the SRC. All letters to the SRC will be kept in strict confidence, as well as the parties making the complaint. All SRC members shall be notified of the complaint within seven (7) days.

a) The Chairperson, when notified of a sportsmanship issue and after fact finding to determine the validity of the issue, shall have the authority to hold a hearing of the SRC to review the issue within two weeks of receipt or refer the matter to the Board of Directors.  All SRC actions shall be reported in writing to all parties involved and to the Board of Directors.  The SRC shall report any activity at the next NBYSA Board meeting or request an emergency meeting of the Board of Directors to make a recommendation for action.

b) On matters of serious infractions of the Code of Conduct, red cards, the SRC shall have authority to immediately suspend a coach until final action by the Board of Directors.

c) The Board of Directors shall authorize action on the recommendations of the SRC with a two-thirds majority vote.

d) Decisions of the SRC may be appealed to the NBYSA Appeals Board.


16.6 Nominating Committee

A. General

The Nominating Committee shall compile a list of Nominations for the elected offices, which shall be presented at the AGM.

B. Composition

The Nominating Committee shall consist of a chairperson and two (2) members of the Board of Directors appointed by the President and approved by the Board.

C. Procedures and Responsibilities

a) The Nominating Committee shall determine the board of directors positions that  will be vacant come the end of the business year.  The committee shall then present a slate of nominees for vacant positions to the Board of Directors prior to the Annual General Meeting for review. Nominations will not be allowed from the floor of the AGM.

b) The Nominating Committee shall strive for broad geographical distribution among the nominees to ensure they will uphold the objectives, philosophy and by-laws of NBYSA.

c) Prior to being nominated as President or Vice President, such person must have held a Board of Director position for at least two years.



17.1 Refer to the NBYSA Rules of Play Article 21.0 Fall Program.



18.1 All coaches representing NBYSA in any program or event sponsored by NBYSA or any affiliated organization shall abide by the NBYSA, Coaches Code of Conduct that is written and made part of the NBYSA By-laws.

The Board of Directors of the NBYSA is concerned about the conduct of all coaches. We want to ensure that the coaches who represent the organization uphold the objectives and philosophy, by-laws, and the rules of play adopted by the NBYSA. We also want to ensure that games are fair, positive, and enjoyable experiences for all of the children and adults involved.

We expect all coaches to conform to this code of conduct. Coaches who do not follow the expectations described below may be disciplined or removed. The SRC shall advise the Board of Directors with their recommended disciplinary action, if any, to be taken.

1. Non-Discrimination

a) Coaches will not discriminate against players based on their race, ethnicity, gender, religious affiliation, or ability. Coaches will not use language that is offensive or derogatory to a person's race, ethnicity, gender, religious affiliation, or ability.

2. Compliance with NBYSA philosophy, by-laws, and rules of play.

a) Abide by the rules of play established by NBYSA and its affiliated organizations.

b) Comply with the NBYSA By-laws and those of its affiliated organizations and abide by the

disciplinary actions of the Board of Directors as set forth in the By-laws.

3. Player Development

a) Create an environment in which children develop their skills and knowledge of soccer while having fun and building self-esteem.

b) Show by behavior and words that each player is an important member of the team whether or not they perform well. Give encouragement for efforts as well as results.

c) Rely on positive reinforcement for things done correctly. Minimize negative emphasis on mistakes, which are required for learning to take place. Praise players in public, correct them in private.

d) Promote increased self-esteem among players by encouraging players whenever possible. Show by words and actions that you like and accept them regardless of how well they perform.

e) Spend comparable instruction time with all players, regardless of ability.

f) Teach competitiveness with an emphasis on good sportsmanship.

4. Conduct during games

a) Before, during, and after the game, is an example of dignity, patience, and positive spirit.

b) Before a game, introduce yourself to the opposing coach and to the referee.

c) During the game, you are responsible for the sportsmanship of your players. If one of your players is disrespectful, irresponsible, or overly aggressive, take the player out of the game at least long enough to explain the reasons for your action and for him/her to calm down.

d) During the game you are also responsible for the conduct of the parents and other persons associated with your players. It is imperative to explain acceptable player and parent behavior in a preseason meeting. Encourage them to applaud and cheer for good plays for either team. Discourage them from yelling at players and the referee.

e) During the Game, do not address the referee at all. If you have a small issue, discuss it with the referee calmly and patiently after the game. If you have a major concern, or if you think the referee was unfair, biased or incompetent, report your opinion to the appropriate NBYSA Division Director.

f) Always treat players on other teams as members of our community first and as opponents secondary.

g) After the game, thank the referee, opposing players and coaches and encourage your players to do the same in a positive, sportsmanlike manner.

5. Community Conduct

a) All coaches affiliated with NBYSA are expected to obey State and Federal laws and refrain from behavior or activities that would be considered inappropriate for adults who are entrusted with the care of children.

b) All coaches affiliated with NBYSA in accordance with the Kidsafe Policy, shall submit a KORI form on an annual basis.

18.2 Coaches must be 18 years of age or older.

18.3 Apprentice Coach Program - NBYSA shall also provide the opportunity for younger individuals to assist and work directly with an experienced NBYSA coach.  Approval by the board of directors is required for individuals wishing to participate in the Apprentice Coach Program.  Apprentice coaches must be at least 16 years of age. The apprentice coach can only participate in practices and games when the assigned coach is present.



    1. All By-Laws of the corporation shall be subject to alteration or repeal, and new By-Laws be made, by a 2/3 vote of the Board of Directors present at the Annual Meeting.
    2. The By-Laws may also be amended if required at a Special Meeting called by the President.


20.1 The President or a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors may call special Meetings to consider a specific subject.  No business other than that specified for the meeting shall be transacted.


21.1 The Recreational program shall be primarily an IN-HOUSE program. Teams will be fielded in the girls and boys divisions as coaches, fields, and equipment allow. All attempts will be made to accommodate all players who have registered. The goal of the  Recreational program will be to equalize the levels of competition for play IN-HOUSE.

a. Any NBYSA member, after a minimum of two years participation, who moves out of the City of New Bedford, may be " grandfathered " and allowed to continue in the corporation for only the fall program. Participation in a spring program shall be governed by the rules of the MYSA (Massachusetts Youth Soccer Assn.) sponsored leagues.


21.2 The Fall Recreational program will run on Saturdays and Sundays, from September through November and the Spring Recreational program will run on Saturdays and Sundays from May through June.

21.3 Matches will be low key with emphasis on teaching the correct way to play the game of soccer. The virtues of sportsmanship and fair play are to be stressed.

21.4 New Bedford Youth Soccer Association Executive Committee is responsible for the final decision and execution of the Recreational program. Any matters of policy or direction shall be their responsibility.

21.5 Age Grouping for the  Recreational Program

Under 6 

Has reached 4th birthday by August 1st and has not reached 6th birthday by August 1st


Under 8 

Has reached 6th birthday by August 1st and has not reached 8th birthday by August 1st


Under 10

Has reached 8th birthday by August 1st and has not reached 10th birthday by August 1st


Under 12

Has reached 10th birthday by August 1st and has not reached 12th birthday by August 1st


Under 14

Has reached 12th birthday by August 1st and has not reached 14th birthday by August 1st

21.6 Program Structure. A minimum of 2 teams will be required to have regular season play in each age group.

21.7 Ball Size

  • Boys & Girls Under 6    -         Size 3

  • Boys & Girls Under 8    -         Size 4

  • Boys & Girls Under 10  -         Size 4

  • Boys & Girls Under 12  -         Size 4

  • Boys & Girls Under 14  -         Size 5

21.8  Uniforms

a. Players shall wear uniforms as selected and prescribed by the Board of Directors and distributed by the Equipment Manager.  No Coach or Player is permitted to alter the appearance of a uniform unless such alteration (re-sizing) is required for the uniform to be worn by the Player.


b. The Board of Directors must approve all Sponsors and the Sponsor name must appear on the reverse of the shirt.


            c. Shin guards are MANDATORY during practice and games.

d. Molded turf shoes or rubber cleats are required.

e. Safety glasses are strongly recommended for those who wear glasses.

f. No jewelry is to be worn on the field.

21.9 PERIODS OF TIME (Duration of the Game):

Boys and Girls Under 6           4 periods 6 minutes each

Boys & Girls Under 8              4 periods 8 minutes each

Boys & Girls Under 10            4 periods 10 minutes each

Boys & Girls Under 12*          2 periods 25 minutes each

Boys & Girls Under 14*          2 periods 25 minutes each

Rest time between periods not to exceed 5 minutes.

*These teams are permitted to substitute players consistent

with FIFA lawsPlayers must be given a minimum amount of

field playing time equal to 10 minutes per half.

21.10 Each team is required to arrive at the field at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time for the game.

21.11 The number of players on the field for each team:

Boys & Girls Under 6              3 vs 3

Boys & Girls Under 8              6 vs 6

Boys & Girls Under 10            8 vs 8

Boys & Girls Under 12            8 vs 8

Boys & Girls Under 14            8 vs 8

NOTE: No game will be forfeited due to a shortage of players.

21.12 Expectations of Coaches

a. Promote good sportsmanship.

b. Do not tolerate unsportsmanship by coaches, players, or spectators.

c. Promote good soccer through the development of ball and game skills.

d. Maintain accurate rosters and player ratings.

e. Schedule at least one practice per week. A practice schedule, to include time and location, shall be submitted to the appropriate Division Director at the beginning of the season.

f. Ensure that all players play at least TWO QUARTERS of each game. Exceptions should only be for injuries, illness, unsportsmanlike conduct during a game or unexcused absences from practices.

g. Under 12-14 divisions, it is not mandatory that seasoned players play all positions.  New players are required to learn all positions.

h. Under 10, and 6 divisions - It is MANDATORY that all players learn all positions. Players should be rotated quarterly, including the goalie.

i. Penalty kicks shall not be taken. All penalties issued by the referee occurring within the penalty area shall result in a direct free kick being awarded just outside the penalty area.

 j. All new coaches are required to take a licensing course approved by NBYSA.

 k. All coaches must wear league issued ID during all games.  Failure to wear ID could result in removal from the field.

21.13 Participation

a. Players are expected to participate in practices and games. Parents are expected to participate by insuring that their players are on time and picked up on time for games and practices and that they have their equipment with them. If a player cannot be present for a scheduled practice or match, the coach should be notified in advance.

b. Participation in the fall/spring recreational program shall be open to any child who is a resident of the City of New Bedford and who will attain the age of five (5) years during the year of play, and will not have attained the age of fourteen (14) by August 1st of the year of play, provided there are a sufficient number of registrants in a given division to form a sufficient number of teams within that division as shall be determined by vote of the Board of Directors.

c. Parents should support the coach and promote good sportsmanship. If problems should arise that cannot be mutually resolved, they should be brought to and resolved in the following manner:

    1. Coach speaks to parent...if it cannot be resolved,
    2. Coach speaks to Division Director...if it cannot be resolved,
    3. Division Director speaks to parent...if it cannot be resolved,
    4. Division Director speaks to Sportsmanship Review Committee, SCR submits recommendation to the Board of Directors.

d. ALL volunteers, and the Board of Directors involved with players during practices or games, MUST fill out an NBYSA CORI/KidSafe form annually and be screened in accordance with the NBYSA Kidsafe Policy.

e. Zero Tolerance

All persons responsible for a team and all the spectators shall support the referee.  Failure to do so will undermine the referee's authority and has the potential of creating a hostile environment for players, the referee and all the other participants and spectators.

Absolutely no sarcasm, harassment or intimidation is allowed in any conversation with the referee, coach, or spectator during any NBYSA game or event.


No one is to address the referee during the game except as allowed below.

                  a) Coaches and Managers

During the Game:

  1. May respond to a referee initiating a communication

  2. May ask for substitutions

  3. May point out emergencies or safety issues


    At halftime or at the end of the game:

  4. May ask a referee to explain a rule(s) in a polite and constructive way

  5. May give a polite and friendly feedback to the referee



  1. 1st Minor Infraction - The referee should ignore

  2. 1st Serious Infraction - Caution or ejection depending on the seriousness of the infraction (FIFA).  If a red card is issued the coach shall be immediately be ejected from the game and from the field of play. The coach will automatically incur a one game suspension

  3. 2nd Minor Infraction - A verbal warning

  4. 3rd Infraction - Caution

  5. 4th Infraction – Ejection

    Any serious infractions or ejections must be reported to the board of directors in writing for referral to the SRC.


b) Spectators

During the game:

  1. May respond to a referee initiating a communication

  2. May point out emergencies or safety issues



  1. 1st Infraction - Referee should stop the game and ask the coach to quiet the offending spectator

  2. 2nd Infraction - A verbal warning. Referee should stop the game and ask the coach to warn the spectator that the next infraction will be an ejection or the referee will abandon the game.

  3. 3rd Infraction - The referee shall instruct the coach to direct the spectator to leave the field. The referee should abandon the game if the spectator refuses to leave the field.


    If a spectator is asked to leave the field a member of the board of directors must be informed immediately or as soon as possible following the game. The board of directors shall review the incident and determine if the individual(s) should be barred from any NBYSA field.

22.0  FEES

22.1 The Board of Directors shall fix fees for participation for each season.


22.2 Any request for a waiver of fees due to injury or reduction of the fees shall be submitted in writing and will be reviewed by the Treasurer for validity and submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.


22.3 With respect to refunds, in the case of a participant who withdraws prior to the first game of the season, the registration fee will be refunded less the cost of any fee paid to MYSA and the cost of the uniform.  Requests for refunds for a player that withdraws after the first game of the season a refund of 30% of the registration fee shall be given.  Refunds for a player that withdraws after the second game of the season a refund of 20% of the registration fee shall be given.  Refunds for a player that withdraws after the Third game of the season a refund of 10% of the registration fee shall be given. No further refunds will be given after the third game. All requests for refunds must be submitted in writing for review by the Board of Directors.


22.4 Any Player injured during the season (NBYSA game/Activity) will be eligible for a refund. The treasurer shall review the request to determine if the player was injured during and NBYSA game/Activity. The refund shall be assessed based on the number of games remaining as defined in 22.3.



23.1 Look at all player registration forms for medical problems, physician preferences, and parental comments. If necessary, make reminders on roster sheets.

23.2 Appoint a parent who is interested in helping to act as a Team Parent. This person should assist you by:

A. Calling players if a match is canceled.

B. Calling players for practices.

C. Setting up schedule for bringing water and/ or oranges

23.3 The league issued First Aid Kit must be available where practices are held and where the matches are being played.

23.4 Standings will NOT BE KEPT to discourage the " Win at any cost" syndrome and to encourage the instructional element.

23.5 REMEMBER this is a volunteer program with people trying to do their best. The idea is for the matches to be enjoyable while players develop their skills.

23.6 The Division Director is your contact person for questions, suggestions, game cancellations, etc.

23.7 There will be no smoking on school property, and no smoking while coaching.


24.1 Report to the field fifteen minutes before the game and check in at the field table for information updates, league news and to pick up club announcements:

A. Warm up with brief stretching exercises.

B. Brief practice session.

C. Get players together and explain who is starting in what positions.

D. Select a Captain or Co-Captain (different each game) to represent the team at the coin toss.

E. Verify players are properly attired.

24.2 Halftime

A. Let the players rest

B. Make sure refreshment is available for the players

C. Assign player positions

24.3 Game Completion

A. Team players should line up and shake hands with the other team and referees. DISCOURAGE snide remarks, spitting, and forceful handshakes. Stress good sportsmanship, win or lose!

B. Announce next practice time. Pass out any club announcements to parents.

C. Parents are to remain on designated spectator side.

24.4 During Game

A. Keep a sharp eye out for players who are getting over tired or are injured. If a player is injured, ALL players are to STOP play and remain in their current positions until the game resumes.

B. Encourage good sportsmanship and fair play by removing players from a game if he/ she starts arguing with the referee, etc.

C. Feel free to speak to over zealous spectators who interfere with the best interests of the game by yelling non constructive criticisms at coaches, players, referees, etc.

D. Matches should be instructional in that incorrect throw ins, goal kicks, etc. should be retaken for U6, U8 Division Boys & Girls ONLY, so that the correct way of doing a skill is learned.

E. Remember, the referee is in charge and, while mistakes may be made, the referee will be doing his/ her best.

F. NO coaches in any Division, with the exception of the U6 Division, are allowed on the field or near the goal during games. Coaches should not allow anyone to stand near the goal.

24.5 Practices

A. For planning purposes, try to have the practice at the same day and time each week.

B. Encourage attendance at practice. Most coaching should occur during practices, not during the game. Players should be allowed to play and enjoy the game.

C. Each player should bring a ball to practice. Make the practices fun by covering different aspects of the game and not making any drill too long. Remember ideas from MYSA.


25.1 Participation in the spring program shall be open to any child who is a resident of the City of New Bedford meeting the age criteria as set by the SCSL (South Coast Soccer League.) Priority will be given to players who have participated in the fall program. The constitution, by-laws and rules of play established by the SCSL shall be adhered to by any NBYSA team (players, coaches and parents) participating in the SCSL spring program.

25.2 The Spring Competitive Director shall act as the SCSL Director on behalf of the NBYSA, Inc. Prior to October each year he/she shall recruit coaches in cooperation with the coaching directors to field teams to play in the SCSL. The board of directors must approve all coaches.  The board of directors shall determine the division each team shall play within the appropriate age group set by SCSL.

25.3 Each October the Spring Competitive Director shall schedule try-outs for NBYSA players meeting the age criteria as set by the SCSL (South Coast Soccer League.). Players must attend the try-out to be eligible to play.  If for specific reasons a player cannot attend the try-out the parent must notify the Spring Competitive Director prior to the try-out date so an alternate try-out date can be established. Within each age group the following preferences shall be adhered to when choosing players:

a) The division one coach in each age group has first preference to choose his/her players. If more than one division one team exists in an age group then the coach of team #1 has preference over team #2 and so on.

b) Once the division one teams are established then the division two coach can choose his/her players. The same rule applies for multiple teams in the division as stated above.

c) The Spring Competitive Director upon notification from a parent that a player cannot attend the scheduled try-out date shall forward the player’s name to the division one coach in the appropriate age group for an alternate try-out. If that coach does not choose the player he/she shall then be referred to the next coach in order of the preferences established above.






26.1 No one may use the name or initials of NBYSA, any of its trade names including New Bedford Youth Soccer Association when related to soccer, or any of its logos except as provided under these By-Laws or except with the express written consent of NBYSA.


26.2 The colors of NBYSA are red and white.



27.1 The president along with the board of directors shall provide field locations for all NBYSA games and events.

27.2 Use of any field owned or operated by NBYSA by another organization must be approved by the board of directors.

27.3 Rules of Conduct -The following activities shall be prohibited at any time and at any location during the NBYSA season/events by any coach, administrator, parent, player, spectator, guest or other agent, servant, employee and/or invitee:


  1. Unsafe, careless, or negligent behavior while engaging in NBYSA’s activities;

  2. Any activity that may reasonably be expected to cause or which will or may foreseeably injure or harm any person or persons or which will deface or cause damage to city property or the property of others;

  3. The possession, sale or use of any alcoholic beverages of any kind and/or any unlawful drugs or substances;

  4. Use of any tobacco products;

  5. Playing any other sport or engaging in any other activity other than soccer unless approved by the Board of Directors;

  6. The presence of any pet of any sort other than seeing-eye dogs.

  7. The use of off road motorized vehicles and skimobiles;

  8. The possession of any fire arm whether licensed or not.

  9. The use of any public address system, amplifier and/or megaphone.

  10. The use of any generator, cooking appliance or barbecue grill unless approved by the board of directors.

  11. Any activity which may reasonably be expected to produce any unusual, noxious or objectionable smoke, gas, vapor or odor;

  12. The posting of any signs or advertisements or the distribution of any written materials calculated to generate business in any way unless approved by the board of directors is also prohibited.

  13. There will be no solicitation by any individual or group at any field location during  NBYSA games and events unless specifically approved by the board of directors


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